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Updated 8/26/2015

Results and Points  are updated through August 22nd :)  If you have any questions on Points, please let us know before the final race.  Remember that points are figured based on the Fastest District 4 Members time!

 If you don't think your computer is showing the latest updates for this site, please try to refresh by pressing your F5 key :)

 Our next race is this Saturday Aug 22nd Montrose, Co Fairgrounds.

Due to schools being back in session and many people having had to adjust schedules this week and in the past few weeks. The office will open at 9:00 instead of 8:00.

Office opens @ 9:00

Exhibitions @ 10:00-11:00  

Open Riding 11:00-11:20 (then we will close and work the arena)

Peewee/Novice @ 11:45

Open Sr. Yth to follow.

We look forward to seeing you in Montrose.

Also we have spoken to the state vet. There advice is fly spray, fly sheets, and masks. They said there was no reason to stop hauling to our races at this time as the flys are everywhere and they could get the virus in your own yard.

Spray your horses, don't let them eat off the ground at the arena's, or share water bucket's. We will not be out the danger zone till it freezes.

 Also don't forget to buy your tickets and get some to sell for the beautiful table we have for our awards program. Winner will be announced at the finals. Tickets are $5.00 The more we sell the more for awards :-)  We want to Thank Bill Shaefer for making the beautiful table for NBHA-4.

Thank you,

Linda & Carissa



 Thank you to all our great members and staff that helps us put on great races! 

Linda & Carissa


 The Open 4D is 1/2 1/2 full second split. Youth is a 3D with full second splits and the Senior is a 3D with full second splits! NEW 2015 3D Novice Horse full second splits.


New for 2015 Please read.

1. We will be having a Novice class this is not a national pointed class this is strictly for our district 4. It will be ran as a 3D with full second splits. Points will be kept and the Champion in each divsion 1D, 2D, 3D will receive awards(must be a NBHA member to be eligible). If you want to C/O your time to the Open, Sr. or Yth you may do so HOWEVER it must be declared on your entry form prior to the 1st run and entry fee's paid for the class's you want to C/O to. Your horse can NOT have won over a $1000.00 as Jan 1, 2015. 

2. Per National office we will be charging a $10.00 non member fee.

3. Points in the youth will now be turned into the national office as. Youth (12 and Under as Jan 1, 2015) and Teen (13 and over as Jan 1, 2015). This is only if you plan on going to the Youth World Championships. District 4 will remain the same 1 class for the youth.

 4. We will be offering a $10.00 buy back for a hit barrel. If you are C/O from one class to another and hit a barrel in the class you are running in. You can buy back for $10.00 and run again in the class you were C/O too. Example: you are running in the Novice and C/O to open. You hit a barrel on your Novice run, you will receive a no time in Novice and the Open for that run. However you can buyback for $10.00 re enter the open and run again in the open. (You will be added to the end of the Open draw). Money will go into the awards fund.


Please contact Wayne at Colorado Images by Wayne to view and purchase your pictures from the 2014 season and awards. He is offering super prices.

H 970-252-0009, C 409-893-7456 http://www.coloradoimagesbywayne.com/ 


points are figured starting with the fastest time posted by a current District 4 member.  If you have any questions, please let us know.  See you at the next race!! 


UPDATED Directions to horse country arena with the new by-pass. Coming from Grand Junction, You can now turn right at KFC/Mc Donalds again right after crossing the river and follow the new road till you hit stop sign turn right and then a left  towards the rec center then up to the lake, at stop turn left  go by lake over the rail road tracks arena is on your right. Or you can turn right at 1st street by Wendy's stay on 1st St after stop sign. go under the by-pass and follow it to the end take a right on 3rd then right on kellogg street, arena down on your left. OR after you turn on 1st St. by Wendy's take 1st Right onto Palmer St. this will take you behind City Market on to the new parkway by the recreation center and to the lake, turn left at lake and follow to arena.

Thank you and WELCOME to all the new member's that joined this year.

Any questions please contact Linda Tibbitts 970-270-6226

 Thank you and we look forward to having a GREAT 2015!

Linda & Carissa


Lord, I might seem so little
Sitting up here all alone
Astride the mountain of a horse
You made of muscle, of bone.
But, together we're a team, Lord
With one goal in mind,
To make it around the cloverleaf
In record breaking time.
Please, keep my horse surefooted,
Let me hang on to my quirt.
Racing around those barrels
With one stirrup in the dirt.
As we make that last runaround
And we quickly race for home.
Win or lose, record or not,
With you we're never alone.
I thank You for being there,
Keeping my horse and me safe
And Lord, with your divine help,
We will compete in our next race

Please welcome Linda Tibbitts as our new NBHA-4 Director!

Thank you to all of our sponsors in 2014and our new ones for 2015!!             

 Congratulations to our Year end Champions.

1D Trudy Petersen

     Ashtyn Hammer

     Lana Rae Sulkey

     Jeni Cerise

2D Katrina Cambell

     Arthene Robins

     Carissa Davis

     Emma Langord

     Jessica Hoopes

3D Jessica Hoopes

     Linda Tibbitts

     Taymar Clarke

     Arthene Robins

     Deana Linn 

4D Shauna Bornschein

     Lana Rae Sulkey

     Barb Steele

     Kelsey Ross



1D LanaRaeSulkey 

2D Katrina Canbell

3DShauna Bornschein


1D Ashtyn Hammer

2D Morgan Dillingham

3D Login Stillings


The NBHA is open to all interested barrel racers, male and female of all ages. Professionals and beginners alike are given equal opportunity to win prize money and awards.NBHA CO-04 pays out the Open as a 4D (1/2, 1/2, full splits).  Points in the Open are kept in this same manner.  District 04 Youth and Senior are 3D (full second splits), but points are turned in with the same as the open which is a 1/2, 1/2, full to qualify for world shows, etc.

TOP 4 finishers in each division at year end in Open, Youth and Senior receive year end awards and World Show Qualifications.  Saddles are awarded to the Open and Youth division champion if possible, buckles for second and other awards down through fourth place. Seniors will receive awards, but will be determined on participation.  I will give awards to more places if we have enough money. 

We have former National Finals Rodeo Qualifiers, Circuit Finals Qualifiers, NBHA National Champions, NBHA State Champions as well as beginners, young and old alike, in our District. We'd love to increase our membership with seasoned veterans or beginners.          Come run with us!